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Why Am I Fat?

Everyone loves eating. In fact, people today are using a unique term ‘Foodie’, to show their interest towards food. You can find this term on numerous social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram and many more. However, in general, foodie depicts a person’s interest to try for the new and unique cuisines. In today’s world, this new interest and love of the people towards the food is the result of them getting big fat belly in front of their body. While consuming that delicious plate of your favorite food, you never realize how much you are eating and can have the deeper influence on your body than you realize. The majority of the experts say that if we eat only when we are hungry and stop eating when we are full, there will never be problems like obesity, weight gain and many more. Now, many of you will say that I follow the aforementioned procedure only but still why am I fat? There are numerous reasons for it. To inform you about all the reasons of why you are getting fat, we have presented this article for you so that you can have complete information about it.

Why am I Fat

As mentioned above that if you will eat only until you are feeling hungry, you will never get fat. To understand this, it is important that you focus on various factors, for example, the size of packet you are eating, portion size, the variety of foods you are being served and last but the most important, size of your plate. All these factors can easily have a bigger impact on your health if you will focus on these things properly. Once you are aware of these factors, you can easily sabotage your diet. You will have a broader perspective of what you are eating, and you will be able to make smart decisions for your diet and health.

Some of the simple things like increasing the availability of fruits and vegetables inside your fridge, making the candy jar disappear from your sight from the desk, not bringing that tempting snack to your home and increase your number of food intake times and eating them slowly will definitely help you in the reduction of your weight and can easily help you in cutting down your overeating habit.

But, why still you are fat? You are taking every precaution; you are blocking all your senses so that you do not get the smell of your favorite food, and still you are not able to shed those extra pounds. There must be something, which is causing a problem and preventing you from losing the weight. Let us have a look on all those factors.

You Do Not Know When Food Enters Your Mouth

Yes, and it is known as distracted eating. There are times when almost unconsciously you put food inside your mouth, mostly when you are sitting comfortably and gazing at your favorite program on television, or reading your favorite book or checking emails or when you have your happy hours. During all these times, unknowingly you just pick up the jar and take a bit, and you do not even know about it. Therefore, technically, it is not your fault, but no matter it is your fault or not, you will definitely gain weight from this activity. You may not know, but multitasking is one of the reasons of you being overweight because you are not paying attention to the stuff you are eating. On the other hand, if you eat mindfully, you get the taste of the food you eat, and hence, you are more likely to satisfy your taste buds sooner.

You Are Surrounded By Food

This is one of the most important reasons; you are a bulky big fat human being. No matter where you turn your face, you are surrounded by your favorite cuisines. Therefore, whenever the food is in front of us, we will have the desire to eat more and more or may be not stop eating at all. In a research, it was shown that, whenever the food item was easily accessible, people ate it around nine times more than when they had to struggle to get the same food item. So, if you want to lose those extra pounds from your body, try keeping your favorite food items out of your reach so that you have to work hard to get it.

Avoid Eating Food That’s Fast, Inexpensive, And Convenient

In the present times, you can easily find many fast food chains, for example, McDonalds, KFC, Dominos and much more at every corner of the street, making it easier for you to reach for these outlets easily. Moreover, the discounts provided by these outlets, which include, combo meal deals, buy one get one deal work as a bargain for you. Seeing these deals, it is almost impossible for anyone not to go with these deals. However, if you want to lose your weight, help yourself in resisting your temptations for such deals and work on developing your taste for more of the natural flavors of food.

You Are Always Buying Giant-Size Packages

Nowadays, you can find your food in all the packet sizes. To increase their earnings, the majority of the companies have launched the family-sized packages with the discounted rates. Therefore, whenever you visit the superstore, you pick the largest packet of your favorite food. Stop doing so!!! If you want to lose those extra pounds, never go for the large sized packages.

So, these were some of the reasons because of which you are not able to lose extra pounds. If you want to have the flat tummy and look smart, strictly control your taste buds and cut down the amount of food you eat.