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Valuable Facts: What Vitamins Are In Cherries?

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What To Eat Before And After Workout?

Exercise is an essential part of our lives in order to maintain a healthy living. There are now people from different age groups who are working out inside the gym, inside their house, in the park or some other places. Some of them exercise in order to lose weight, some people exercise to decrease the cholesterol on their body, while some people just exercise to maintain their body weight.

For these kinds of people, exercise or workout is not enough to be able to obtain their goals. They will have to do eat with diet so people must also know about what they will have to eat before and after workout in order to achieve the body weight that they want to have. If you lose all your energy with exercise then try to eat any food that you can see on the kitchen then you will just lose the effort that you have made. Meal plan is essential when you would like to lose some weight or maintain your weight.

What To Eat Before And After Workout?

What To Eat Before And After Workout

When making your own meal plan, you will have to calculate that calories that you will have to maintain for each day. You can also calculate the calories that will be lost when you exercise. Each meal must be composed with variety of foods that will satisfy your taste buds.

No matter what kind of food that you would like to have, you should still stick on what diet is best for you. Do not continue on a meal plan that drains all your energy. You still have to feed yourself with nutritious foods while you are working out.

Fluids Needed Before Exercise

Prior to exercising, you must be hydrated well enough so as to prevent dehydration. Workout works best when your body has enough water. You can takes some water that is about 16 to 20 ounces within an hour or two prior to your workout.

Meals Before Workout

The first thing that is being taken away when you are working out is not actually the food that you have eaten prior to your workout but the carbohydrate and fat that have been stored on the major parts of your body.

Those fats or carbohydrates are already sufficient to keep you from exercise within an hour or two of vigorous work out or about three to four hours of moderate workout. Hence, if you feel like you have stored a lot of fats or carbohydrates within you, then eating before workout may no longer be necessary for you. If your stomach becomes aggravated when you eat before exercising doesn’t eat some food.   However, in some cases, there are some people who are having some difficulties with their workout when they don’t eat anything so they would need to eat some meals prior to exercising.

These kinds of people usually have disorders like diabetes or ulcers. It is certainly important for them to consume some foods before any movement. Any drop of blood sugar level may cause headache, dizziness or fainting within 15 to 20 minutes of exercise so it is really advisable for them to eat first.

Once you felt that you are hungry while you are working out or eat a lot of foods after a workout, then you must attend to your needs first. Eat then work out after about 2 hours so as to avoid any complications afterwards. If you only exercise for a moderate time ten you need have to have a light snack.

1. 100 to 200 calories snack

So, what to eat before and after workout? Well, you must eat about 100 to 200 calories of snack about 30 minutes before you work out in order to have some energy. The snack should have an elevated glycemic index and has small amount of fat so that the stomach will have some time to digest the food and can give you some energy at a quicker time.

You may try to drink some fruit smoothie, sports drinks, fruit juices made from banana, pineapple, mango, apricots and watermelon. Energy bars can also be good, try to check on foods that have about 3 to 4 grams of protein or about 15 grams of carbohydrates and lesser fat contents. Pretzels are also good for as long as they are not made of whole grains because they can be digested on a slower pace.

2. Consume a balanced meal

This is one of the most common parts for many people. Individuals need to consume a balanced meal an hour or two prior to their workout. Individuals have to consume foods that have enough calories, foods that have lesser content but are nutritious enough to provide some energy.

You can eat about half of the calories that you have burned. For instance, you have burned about 200 calories, then you can consume 100 calories afterwards, or add some more if you feel like it’s not yet enough for as long as will not be exceeding the total amount of calorie that you have burned. The 50 to 60 percent of the food that you have consumed must have some carbohydrates in order to keep the level of sugar on normal levels. Also, you may add some protein for the recovery of your muscles after the workout. Examples of foods that you can eat after workout are nuts, fruits, cereals, yogurt, hummus, cottage cheese, trail mix with nuts and dried fruits, milk, most protein or energy bars, whole grain crackers, and some other foods.

For people who exercise moderately, they can have more freedom when it comes to the time of their meals and the selection of their foods. It is essential to be aware of the capabilities of your body before and after workout in order to know the various foods that you will have to consume before and after workout.

You must eat the right foods for your body; base them from how your body responds and not just from books or articles that you read. It is always important to keep your body before and after workout performance in order to attain the goals that you would like to achieve.