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What Can You Do With A Nutrition Degree?

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How Much Do Nutritionists Make?

Some students and other imminent freshmen wonder, “How much do nutritionists make?” A nutritionist salary is dependent on different factors, and nutritionists mostly make a good amount of money.

What Is A Nutritionist?

A nutritionist is a trained and licensed health care professional who is specialized in advising clients about their dietary and nutritional requirements to meet their health goals. As a part of a health care group, a nutritionist’s role is to advise the patients about dietary and nutritional needs based on their goals, present health condition, and circumstances.


how much do nutritionists make

Where Does A Nutritionist Work?

Other than offering one-to-one nutrition advice, some of the nutritionists work with facilities to offer on meal-planning, such as at rehab facility, school, sports program, or hospital.

If they are offering consultative dietary services for an organization’s meal planning, they will be working at that facility. However, they can also work as a staff at a doctor’s office, another clinic or at a school.

A nutritionist can work anywhere, where there is a requirement of dietary and nutrition guidance. You can also be self-employed, as a nutritionist, instead of taking a job at an organization or a facility.

How Do You Become A Nutritionist?

Just similar to any health care career, a nutritionist must attend an educational training program in order to earn certification of practice. You should obtain at least a Bachelor’s degree in dietetics or in a related field. Once after earning your degree, you should attend an accredited program that usually lasts from 6 to 12 months.

You need to sit for a national examination conducted by the CDR (Commission on Dietetic Registration) once after finishing the practice program. Once you pass the examination, you are officially licensed as a nutritionist to practice.

What Is The Job Outlook For Nutritionists?

According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the outlook is great for nutritionists. Nutritionists’ career is expected to grow about 21% in between 2012 and 2022, which is greater than average. This is because of the increased emphasis on people getting more health-conscious through exercise and balanced diet rather than quick fixes and prescriptions. As such interests in health lifestyle continues to increase, there will be more demand for licensed and experienced nutritionists in near future to guide clients in making healthy choices as well as lifestyle changes.

What More Do You Need To Know About Nutritionists?

In an effort to make health education and health care more accessible to individuals who have no or limited access, health care institutes function to bring a strong basis of health care facilities, which includes – nutritionists. If you want to become a nutritionist to assist patients work toward a healthy lifestyle, working in a health care team that aims on offering care and education to underserved community people can be more rewarding. Not only will it allow you the capability of sharing your knowledge to help patients, but also will be a field of health care that is growing rapidly and will bring more job opportunities within the field in the coming years.

How Much Do Nutritionists Make?

Similar to that of any job, salary of a nutritionist also varies depending on your location, education, and experience. Main variance is because of the growing demand in nutritionists in some areas as well as the availability. For instance, if a small town requires nutritionists but has only few, it is likely that nutritionist will make more money in such community, especially when compared to a bigger city that has more availability of nutritionists.

Dietitian VS Nutritionist

All dietitians are nutritionists, but not all the nutritionists are dieticians. A dietician is a nutritionist who passes the licensure exam conducted as per the given standards of the state.

Typically, a nutritionist assists the patients to interpret study and make a suitable diet plan based on patient’s requirements and health goals. With an increased number of health problems in this century, many individuals have become very health conscious and are looking for a nutritionist’s advice and counseling. Earlier nutritionists were seen only in some hospitals and in advertising or manufacturing companies. But, now they are seen even in a common’s citizen’s home.

A nutritionist’s help is pretty much required particularly when an individual is affected with a specific food allergy such as celiac disease, wheat allergy, gluten intolerance, and lactose intolerance. These are just some of the diseases that a nutritionist helps to manage by letting the patient to avoid eating foods that can cause allergies.

Now, let us go back to the question, how much do nutritionists make? Here are some of the nutritionists with the respective salaries they make:

Management Nutritionist: They are found mostly in health care settings such as clinics, hospitals, hospice and prisons. They supervise in preparing and planning meals for the patients at such facilities.

They also play a crucial role in hiring and training food service workers. They teach about implementing the safety standards set by sanitary regulations. A management nutritionist is also responsible for the budget supervision of the required foods, other facilities and supplies that are to be used.  These nutritionists typically make $60,000 to $70,000 per annum.

Consultant Nutritionist: They are typically involved in private practice and sometimes may also be hired by a health care facility on a contract basis. They advice on the diet specific for condition of the individual that can range from uric acid level and cholesterol management to weight loss and diabetic management.

They are also consulted often for counseling related to educational programs, sports nutrition, and are sometimes published write ups for magazines and newspapers. Their average income is about $70,000 per annum.

Clinical Nutritionist: A clinical nutritionist usually works with nurses and doctors to be able to helps patients in offering their nutritional requirements. These nutritionists work in assessing, planning and implementing the food that the patient should be eating and also ensure that the patient gets all the required nutrients.

They gear toward weight management, sanitation and safety. Their annual income, on average, is in between $50,000 and $60,000.

Community Nutritionist: A community nutritionist is deployed in the community to spread information related to importance of a balanced diet particularly for pregnant woman, infants, children, and elderly persons. They usually make salaries from $52,000 to $55,000 per annum.