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How Many Calories Are In Skim Milk?

Milk is known to be the most perfect kind of food that is present in the market.  However, even though it is not really that perfect, milk that is free from fat and contains a high amount of protein, calcium, and Vitamin B are very necessary for  health.   All of these nutrients can be attained by consuming the 86 calories of skim milk in a 234 ml glass.  There are many kinds of milk available on stores and one of which is skim milk.  Skim milk is commonly known in the different countries such as the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom.  Skim milk is full of different nutrients such as phosphorus, Vitamin A, protein, calcium and Vitamin A.  These nutrients aid in making and maintaining strong muscles, bones and teeth.  Skim milk is essential for those who are suffering from nutrient deficiency.   Get to know information on how many calories are in skim milk and also its various health benefits.

how many calories are in skim milk

Process To Make Skim Milk

Skim milk has been in for many centuries. The traditional way of producing a skim milk is to remove the fat from it.  For fresh milks, they left it on the corner so that the fat will settle on top, thus leaving the milk below.  The fat from above will then be removed to make a skim milk.  There are some innovative ways to make skim milks nowadays.  Machines are now used equipped with centrifugal separator.  The centrifuge spins and separates it from the milk.  This happens before the milk is being given with even consistency.  The process decreases the milk particles to equal amounts and sizes so that natural breaking down won’t be occurring any time.

How Many Calories In Skim Milk? 

Skim milk is loaded with about 8 grams of protein and about 90 calories.  The protein in skim milk contains the vital amino acids that the body needs to function daily, making skim milk one of the best sources of first-class and complete protein that is available in stores.  Protein also helps an individual in managing a healthy weight because it increases the satiety and energy of a child or an adult.  Skim milk is also an exceptional choice when it comes to calcium.  Based from the numerous researches and studies that have been made, calcium has an important role in decreasing the possibility of osteoporosis in an individual.  The calcium that is present on milk is absorbed faster as compared to the variety of calcium supplements that can be bought from stores.  Because of the process, this will also aid in decreasing the possibility of having gastrointestinal problems in an individual.  The calcium that is present in skim milk also gives protection from certain kinds of cancer like colon cancer because the intestines are kept healthy and the blood pressure is regulated in normal levels.  The calcium also has an important role when it comes to blood clotting, muscle movements or contraction and nerve conduction.

Since the variety of milks in various countries are already fortified with different vitamins such as A and D, which are the major nutrients that must be consumed by an individual, then this serves as another advantage for skim milks.   Some skim milks also have vitamin B and riboflavin which are greatly engaged in breaking down the foods that have been ingested.  On the other side, Vitamin B is essential for the cardiovascular system, thus preventing any complications that may arise on the heart and nerves. 

Milk For Losing Weight

There has been a study and research that was conducted – having a diet composed of 1,000 to 1,400 milligrams of calcium from different milk or dairy products every day can change the mechanism of the metabolism of fat in the body.  It has the possibility to boost the breaking down of fats in the body.  Drinking skim milk does not just help in burning fat faster and better but it may also decrease the inches of an individual’s waistline.  Skim milk is better for losing weight as compared to  whole milk because of the lower calories that it has.  Some skim milk contains about 90 calories while whole milk has about 150 calories.  Both whole milk and skim milk can give about the same value of vitamins, minerals, and calcium.   Whole milk has saturated fat and cholesterol while skim milk is much healthier because it provides just a few amounts of the said nutrients.  As people may know, high amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in the body may lead to certain complications such as heart diseases, diabetes mellitus and some other lifestyle diseases.  Saturated fat and cholesterol are known to be the main culprits for increase in weight or obesity.

In some studies and researches that have been conducted, skim milk plays an important role in decreasing weight because skim milk is known to help in losing weight from the stomach region. This is considered to have a faster absorption than those who have been consuming calcium supplements or having a diet with low calcium.

Skim milk has been proven to have a lower amount of calories as compared to the other available milks in the stores.  There are many brands of skim milk that can be bought.  Each of them may have undergone several processes to separate the fat from the main component which is the skim milk.  These different brands may also have different caloric components depending upon the number of fat that has been eliminated.  Some countries that produce the large numbers of skim milk are usually United States of America, United Kingdom and some other highly urbanized places.  In some instances, the government also funds the different factories that are producing skim milk to help with the economy and the monetary needs of the individuals from their own country.  Over all, skim milk has many health benefits, but it is always good to take note that every food, drink or beverages that are manufactured must always be consumed in moderation.